Timberbrooke Group - Experienced Small Business Services
About Us
We guarantee experienced Professionals
We employ only experienced staff (Tax work by CPA's, Registered Preparer's and EA's), each with a minimum of 10 years of business experience.  You will not have a junior staff member who is inexperienced in business incorporations, tax preparation or payroll handling your work. All tax staff meet yearly tax focused continuing education requirements. 
We guarantee prompt service on your project
Your tax return, business incorporation or project won't linger in our office for weeks, months or longer with you waiting to find out about the status. We efficiently process all projects and double check all work to ensure we maximize your satisfaction and minimize your headaches.
We guarantee the accuracy of our work
Our team will accurately calculate all deductions and credits you are entitled to on your tax return to ensure you receive the maximum refund.  They will ensure all incorporation documents are promptly filed as well as meeting the deadlines for when any and all payroll tax forms are needed to be completed.
We donate to charity. 10% of our net income!!
10% of our net income will be donated to US based, registered and compliant 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.
We come to you when you your schedule permits not like most firms that require you to go to them when THEY tell you its ok.  If you live out of state we will set a call with you to go over each part of your project before it is prepared. Few firms match our client service or efficient turnaround time.
Mailing Address
120 East Main St
Ramsey, NJ  07446